Dan Smith
VP Commercial, Australia at SmartestEnergy

“Having worked with ESC for many years I trust them to always deliver. They truly understand the culture of the client’s company, what the opportunity is for candidates and go beyond in providing up to date market insight. Employing engaged and motivated people is essential in developing a sustainable business. At all times I feel that ESC consider everyone’s long term interests, both candidate and employer, seeing people before a transaction. The quality of candidates they put forward speaks volumes about their capability to un-cover the hidden talents within organisations.”

Duncan Dale
Vice President Customer Facing Business, UK & Ireland, Statkraft

“I have had the luck and privilege over the last twelve years to gradually build a hand picked team at Statkraft as we have grown new business lines in the UK and Ireland. I have worked with David for almost all of these hires. David has always shown a great knowledge of where to find the talent in the Energy Market space and has worked with us with patience and flexibility as we sought to find exactly the right candidates. We have been delighted with the results.”

Jean-Baptiste Cornefert
Managing Director & CIO sonnen GmbH

“Whist I was not actively seeking a new opportunity, David at Energy Search Collective was aware of my skills and experiences, through previous conversations during my time at E.ON. I had highlighted to him that should I move on, I was looking for more of a scale-up/start-up business with great growth opportunity in the energy technology markets.

Within a few months, we were discussing the opportunity for me to join Sonnen Battery as MD E-Services to build their Virtual Power Plant (VPP) software platform internationally. The platform was to be built on a network of batteries and other decentralised assets, providing diverse flexibility services (FCR, redispatch, V2G) in Germany and then Globally.

David was immersed in Sonnen’s business and culture, and the personalities and characters I would encounter during the interview process. He was honest about what my career would look like in an organisation that is very different to the corporate environment I was used to at E.ON.

Since joining Sonnen, I have used ESC on a number of occasions to help develop the talent pool I have within Sonnen. I would gladly recommend David, and ESC as highly knowledgeable sector experts within the energy transition and renewables space.”

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