Fundamentally, we’re all focused on bringing the right talent to our clients within a timely manner. So, what makes Energy Search Collective different?

We don’t advertise your roles

Why would we? That’s your job! Energy Search Collective are here to bring inactive, and passive candidates to your attention. Our network and proactive head-hunting are strong enough without needing to advertise roles that you’re already paying to do so.

Industry Specialist in each renewable value chain

For each of the markets we service from; Upstream renewable development, Distributed/Connected energy, Energy Trading/Sales, Energy Supply, E-Mobility and EV Infrastructure, we have a specific consultant to service each market with an international focus and track record of delivery. See here for our testimonials

5 CV to offer target

Not as simple as it sounds, but we consistently aim to deliver 5 CVs to an employment offer. There are always instances where you may want to see more candidates, in which case we will gladly oblige. Our focus is always on quality and not quantity. We will only share with you relevant candidates who are interested in your opportunity.

We’re really honest

It’s not for everyone, but we’ll be honest with everyone in the process, both our clients and our candidates. Sorry about that!

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